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“I visited Jeff Evans at the Alaska Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC with jaw, neck, and back problems. In just a few visits, I had good occlusion with my jaw, which I hadn’t had for two years. And my neck and back pain were significantly reduced. The staff were friendly, helpful, and flexible with my schedule. I highly recommend Alaska Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC to anyone with jaw and neck problems, as well as back issues. They have made a real difference in my quality of life.” – S.M.

“I just wanted to send a quick “Thank You” for the outstanding experience and treatment I received from you. As I told you, I had been to 2 Chiropractors and Message Therapists, prior to seeing you, that had no beneficial effect on my neck, shoulder and arm problems. After the first visit with you I noticed improvement in mobility and a decrease in the pain and numbness in my neck and arm. It was not only the massage and manipulation of my affected areas, it was the practical advice, exercises and suggestions you gave me. Every visit was the same way; you always broke things down to small lifestyle changes I can do, that help improve my health. My goal is to stay away from surgery, and you have help support me in that. Thank you for all you have done. I look forward to a great summer and hope you have one also. Maybe we’ll see each other on the bike trails. Oh, thanks for the tip on my bike as well, I’m riding pain free.  All the best,” -KW

“Thanks for helping me out with my neck and shoulder prior to getting neck surgery. I really enjoyed the experience and found you to be extremely helpful. If I’m ever in need of that type of service again I wouldn’t hesitate to come back. Thanks” – G.Z.

“Jeff at APTS rocks! After knee surgery I was told I wouldn’t run more than two days a week and to pick a new sport. This year I’m running the Boston Marathon as a qualifier not a charity spot! Thanks Jeff!” – Rachelle

“I see my awesome therapist who helped me recover after knee replacement surgery. I was out of work for one month. I highly recommend them to other difficult patients such as I. Thanks again.” – Kay

“Thanks again Susie for putting me back together! Went snowboarding for the first time post surgery. Knee felt great! You’re the best!” – Alia

“You guys are all great… From the front office to the therapists. Everyone of you cared and gave me continual exercises with the rehab. Thank you for getting me to where I could get back to work and now most of all carry my 9mo Grand baby… Things that matter in life.” – Cathy

“Thanks to Alaska Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC for getting me back to skiing, snow biking, and crossfitting 3 months post op from total hip replacement.” – Chad

“Starting a thoughtful PT program has given me a greater understanding of my body, and an appreciation of what is possible. Thank you Alaska Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC.” – Brandon

“I am a very active person and enjoy many of the outdoor sports that Alaska has to offer: skiing, snowboarding, running, hiking, mountain biking and climbing. The month before my 40th birthday I pulled my left hamstring while running. Despite giving it adequate rest and resuming a modest exercise routine, it simply would not heal. I was really concerned that I would not attain my goal of climbing Mt. Shasta (14,200 feet) in the summer of 2014 so I called Alaska Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC. I knew they were great because my wife rehabilitated her knee and IT band so that she could attain her goal of completing a ½ ironman in the Summer of 2013.

To make a long story short, AKPTS are very knowledgeable and very active themselves – so they know how frustrating injuries are and exactly what it takes to accomplish your goals. My PT was Sandra Chow who was great at having me do exercises in the clinic. She gave me “homework” exercises and she proactively stretched my very “unflexible” muscles. The bottom line is that after several months of physical therapy, I was back doing what I love. And yes, I did accomplish my goal of climbing Mt. Shasta!  Thank you Sandra and AKPTS” – JC

“I have suffered since my 20’s from lower back pain and spasms on and off, which grew increasingly worse over the years. The last straw was one horrible night of uncontrollable spasms that had me curled up on the floor unable to move. I was in my 40’s, out of shape, and I was hunched over like a crippled 65 year old. I was a mess. I knew that I needed help but I wasn’t sure how to fix my problem.

My doctor sent me for an MRI and referred me to Jeff at Alaska Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Turns out I had bulging discs. And littleabdominal strength from being out of shape was making a bad situation worse. Jeff drew diagrams and explained how the spine and muscle groups work together, and what exactly was causing my issues. I’m big on understanding why and how, and he was very patient with my many questions. He worked with me to create customizedexercises to strengthen my abs and back muscles to keep things in place and aligned. We worked on them during PT sessions, and I would continue with them at home. If something didn’t work, he would come up with a new approach next session. I was given as much office time as needed, but no unnecessary visits. Most importantly I wasgiven real life exercises I could keep up on my own at home to keep my body healthy.

My experience at APTS has been extremely positive and I highly recommend them. I had never been to a physical therapist before and to me it is absolutely the best and most useful medical experience I have ever had. Being educated as to how various muscle groups interact and how to repair my imbalances with exercise and stretches has been a true gift to me. What I love about APTS is that theycreated exercises I can do in real life at home, the gym, and even traveling, so that I can keep up with my PT and keep my back pain and stiffness to a minimum. I now have worked these exercises into my daily routine to keep everything in place. The fact that I even HAVE a daily routine is because the PT strengthened my muscles enough to fit in more regular exercise with less pain and without further injuring myself. I cannot emphasize enough how much physical therapy and APTS has helped me to control a chronic condition and get back to a normal life.” -Kim S

“Not only did physical therapy help me recover from my injury, but it also helped strengthen many of my other muscles that I use during dance.” – Andrea, Competitive Irish Dancer

“It was reassuring that my daughter would not only recover from the injury, but also that she would have some valuable stretches to prevent future injuries.” –Mother of Irish Dancer


“I would like to express my best wishes to your office for the fantastic way everyone treated me. I was Sandra Chow’s patient and right from the start her professionalism blew me away. The first day she saw me, she explained things to me like no physical therapist had ever done before, and her treatments were phenomenal. I hope no one gets hurt, but if so I will always refer anyone in need to Alaska Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC. There are so many things I want to say, but to keep it short you’re all so great, and keep giving great service.” -J.H.