Education: Posture, Body Mechanics, and Home Exercise Programs

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Changes in posture and body mechanics can play a significant contributing role in physical dysfunction and pain in multiple areas of the body, which is why their assessment is included in every physical therapy initial evaluation at Alaska Physical Therapy Specialists, LLC.  Whether it is static sitting posture at your workstation that is affecting your spinal alignment and resulting pain, altered knee positioning and alignment causing knee joint pain with ascending or descending stairs, or faulty techniques lifting, we can properly assess these and provide you with the appropriate treatment for your needs.

An integral part of physical therapy success is compliance with an individually designed home exercise program (HEP).  These programs will contain a variety of exercises that will include coordination training, neuromuscular recruitment, strengthening, mobilization and stretching options as well as education catered specifically to each client’s impairments and needs.  Typically clients are seen at AKPTS 1-2 times per week for a 45-minute one-on-one session, therefore it is crucial for individuals to perform their HEP to maximize their gains, feel better and work towards achieving their established goals.